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Libya Telecom Co.


Libya Telecom is a Libyan limited liability company, subject in its administrative affairs and financial procedures to the Libyan economic laws governing the work of companies. The company’s headquarters is located in the city of Misurata, through which the company seeks to provide the best services to its customers, including providing Internet service to individuals, companies and public and private institutions. The company also provides innovative ideal solutions in various fields of communications.

At Etisalat Libya we operate in a manner consistent with our core values, consistent with our ethical and professional principles. To achieve this, these values guide our behavior in all aspects of our business and in a way that ensures the realization of our vision:

We work as a team
We work as a team

The culture of teamwork allows us to work together as one individual within the company and with our customers to deliver better solutions and achieve our goals collectively.


We ensure the integrity of our customers data in every aspect of our business. We work hard for zero accidents in any aspect of our business.

The company’s vision is to provide the best services with high quality and reasonable prices using the best communication equipment available, and to operate specialized teams with a high degree of efficiency.

Libya Telecom Co.

Internet Services

Libya Telecom Co. is one of the companies specialized in providing Internet service to individuals, companies and public and private institutions, with various packages that meet the different needs of its customers.

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Third Ring Road, Al-Ruwaisat, 500 meters from Qarara Island.


Libya Telecom Co.

Our Social Responsibility

Libya Telecom Company is committed to a set of principles and values that represent the main framework for its contribution to sustainable development by focusing on matters related to social responsibility and integrating its ethics to enhance the company’s strategy with the global work system and practices and is committed to it towards all its employees and society. The group also encourages employees and its partners on the principles of ethics, honesty and effective participation through the application of global standards.

Libya Telecom Co.

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    Libya Telecom Co.


    We continuously strive to ensure the highest possible quality of our services consistent with the satisfaction of our customers. Starting from providing all services in the field of the company’s work, in addition to after-sales services, continuous technical support, and adherence to comprehensive quality controls. Which ensures the highest continuous growth, and reaching excellence through a safe work environment, ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving the company’s vision